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IMG_0663As Martin Luther King famously said, ‘before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world’.  However ironically the people that we depend on the most to provide us with their produce for our breakfast can often not afford to put breakfast on the table for their families.

Between the 29th of February and the 13th of March saw the annual fair trade fortnight take place. This years theme was sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers.

On Friday the 11th of March I held a Fair Trade breakfast as an MSP in my office. I was delighted than amongst other people the breakfast was attended by 5 pupils from Lanark Grammars Fair Trade Committee. They very kindly gave a talk on how important fair trade is for farmers throughout the world.

CaptureAs a Co-op MSP I continually encourage people to buy fair trade produce so that farmers in the developing world can get a fair price for their produce. I was very thankful to Scotmid for donating a £20 voucher for me  to buy fair trade Coffee, Tea and Biscuits. We also made some yummy banana and chocolate muffins using fair trade chocolate, bananas and sugar.

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