Sun Amp visit

OutsideI was delighted to visit Sun Amp, an exciting and ground-breaking renewable energy company based in East Lothian, along with my colleague Iain Gray MSP.

We met with a number of the staff, including the Chief Executive, Andrew Bissell and Chief Operating Officer Susan Lang-Bissell, to discuss the company’s work so far in developing energy efficient heat batteries and how they see the company moving forward.

We also learned about the exciting project Sun Amp has taken part in with two housing associations in the East Lothian and Edinburgh Area. They have provided 766 batteries to 650 Housing Association properties in order for them to meet their energy efficiency targets. This has saved each tenant on average £160 a year.Upright

Andrew and his team showed us the warehouse where the product is completed, based in Macmerry, East Lothian. He also let us know about their plans for the future in order to expand the business and develop the technology further.

From an environmental prospective I found it really encouraging to learn more about this company which is a pioneer within the heat sector of renewable energy. Energy supply is the highest emitter of Greenhouse gases and Sun Amps technology is contributing to tackle this for the future of our planet.

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