YMCA Be Real research – body image and young people

YMCA logoYMCA have recently launched new research into investigating the impact of Body image anxiety on young people in the UK. The research is titled ‘Somebody Like Me’ and was carried on by YMCA on behalf of the Be Real Campaign who are founding partners. The Be Real Campaign is a UK wide campaign and seeks to change people’s attitudes towards their body image.

YMCA Scotland works with over 10,00 individual children and young people each week from all over Scotland. YMCA looks to bring social justice and peace to communities by empowering young people to be agents of change.

The Be Real Campaign conducted research with more than 2,000 young people between the ages of 11 and 16 years old, and more than 500 teachers.  It sought their thoughts and experiences of body confidence and body image anxieties. Some of the key findings were:

  • 52% of young people said they often worry about the way they look
  • 36% of young people said they would do whatever it took to look good
  • 76% of young people who learnt about body confidence in school said it made them feel more confident about themselves

These statistics clearly show that there is a massive issue with young people feeling confident about their body.  It also shows that giving young people the opportunity for open discussion and proper information on body image can have a big impact on improving body confidence.

You can download a copy of the Somebody Like Me research here.

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