World Wetlands Day 2017

ramsar_infographic_eng_titlepg_web_0Each year, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands celebrates February the 2nd as ‘World Wetlands Day’ to raise global awareness of the importance of wetlands

Wetlands act as natural safeguards against disasters. They protect communities most at risk and vulnerable to the devastating effects of floods, droughts and storm surges. The frequency of natural hazards worldwide has more than doubled in just 35 years furthermore, research shows that 90% of all natural hazards are water-related.

By 2050, loss of wetlands, rising populations, climate change and rising sea levels are set to increase the number of people vulnerable to floods to over 2 billion. However, Well-managed wetlands make communities resilient in the event of extreme weather and help to minimize the damage from floods, hurricanes and droughts.

As the MSP for South Scotland and the spokesperson for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, I understand the amount of stress and disruption that is caused to houses, businesses and families affected. I will do everything in my role as a MSP and spokesperson to protect businesses and houses when the weather is on top of us. If you require assistance in relation to floods you can call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit their website here.

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