Communities hit by SNP and Scottish Greens’ budget cuts

Last week I voted against a Scottish Government draft budget which will see Local Government across Scotland faced with a further cut of £169 million.

Since 2011 the SNP has cut £1.5 billion from schools and care for the elderly.

The outcome of the vote was disappointing. The SNP and Greens have agreed a deal that freezes the Higher Rate of income tax threshold.  As a consequence, higher earners in Scotland will not pay a penny more in income tax than they do today.

The SNP has refused to use new tax powers to ask higher earners to pay a little bit more.

Scottish Labour would amend the budget to set the basic and higher income rate just 1 penny higher than the rate set by Westminster and introduce a 50p top rate of tax for the richest 1%.

The additional revenue raised would allow us to invest in our local services which are currently stretched to the point of breaking.

The SNP are failing Scotland’s communities by not doing more with the powers they have.

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