Lockhart progress

Local elected members met with NHS Lanarkshire last week to find out what progress is being made with the Lockhart.

The meeting has helped outline the progress being made with the Lockhart. Although it is still closed to admissions, rehabilitation services have been operating from the hospital and I am encouraged by the news that these will be extended while the right longer term model of care is developed.

Recruitment has begun with some roles already appointed so that a nurse led model of care can be tested. This would see Advanced Nurse Practitioners taking on some of the roles previously carried out by doctors.

NHS are also working with a number of local groups to make sure the needs of people in this area are understood.

I welcome NHS Lanarkshire’s commitment to a public meeting hosted by the Community Council at the end of February which I called for at the previous meeting.  The community needs to be reassured that the Lockhart has not been forgotten about and work is on-going to ensure that its re-opening is sustainable.

NHS Lanarkshire talks more about their plans in their recent press release.

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