#ShowTheLove for Nature

1This Valentine’s Day RSPB are asking us all to “show the love” for our natural world. Each MSP was given a handmade brooch to remind us to cherish the green spaces, birds, and animals that we love.

My green heart was sent to me by Jane Comer, who said,

“Many things we love could be lost to climate change. I made this heart to Show the Love….I think we all need a connection to nature and wild places to function properly.”


2I have just taken part in the Big Garden Bird watch and submitted my results – saw lots of birds including a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and a Yellowhammer! Many people in both town and country enjoy feeding the birds.


My partner and I have also started leaving some piles of wood, cuttings and leaves for animals use as safe hideaways to hibernate in.

Together we can make a world of difference!3

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