Holyrood Dog of the Year!

DSC_0018 (002)I am very excited to have the opportunity on the 8th of May to take part in Holyrood Dog of the Year competition, organised by The Kennel Club and The Dogs Trust. I will be joined by my beloved dog Roujan in the Scottish Parliament Park and we will show them why he is so special.

Our family dog has a very unique story to tell. We were on holiday in the South of France around 8 years ago when we discovered Roujan at the side of the road, very badly injured as he had been knocked over. We couldn’t just leave him there, so we took him to the vet who managed to save him. After a while in France recovering, no one claimed him so we brought him home to Scotland where he has been happy ever since.

Roujan is such a loving and resilient dog who is very loyal and brave with lots of determination. He hasn’t had an easy life. A few years ago he was attacked by another dog which has resulted in his still very cute but lopsided nose.

As well as the event on the 8th of May you have the opportunity to vote for Roujan to be voted top “Pawlitical Dog” here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HDOTY2017




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