Mental Health Awareness Week 2017


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, a time to give support those who need it the most.
We should remember that mental health issues affect every one of us, just as our physical health does. It is high time the stigma attached to mental health conditions comes to an end.

Reece Harding, a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Clydesdale, has worked very closely with me in regards to mental health. The Scottish Youth Parliament’s national campaign is raising awareness of the mental health issues young people can face. They have contributed to the Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy, and produced a report called Speak Your Mind.

Reece said, “This SYP campaign has been just as successful as others such as votes at 16, same sex marriage etc.
It’s great that we have managed to work with the Scottish Government and input our recommendations from our Speak Your Mind Report into the Mental Health Strategy. There’s still a lot to be done nationally, but I think we have had a great starting point.

If you would like support or more information on mental health please visit the See Me website.

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