Protest at Israeli Ambassador’s visit to the Scottish Parliament

upright speaking shotEarlier today I attended a demonstration outside the parliament to protest the visit of the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev. To those of us against the visit, it was at least a relief that the Ambassador was not in the VIP Gallery for First Minister’s Questions.

My colleague Anas Sawar MSP also highlighted to issue to the First Minister at First Minister’s Questions which you can check out on the Scottish Parliament Official Report here. 

2017 marks the 69th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which is known by the Palestinian people as the “day of catastrophe”. This included the destruction of over 500 towns and villages which left the people of Gaza with nothing.

Along with other elected representatives, I spoke at the very well attended demonstration, stressing the international illegality and injustice which is the shocking truth of the Israeli Government’s position in relation to Palestine. Surely the time has come when the Palestinian people should have a state of their own? Only this solution can bring lasting peace in the Middle East.

Group photo

As a member of the Cross Party Group of Palastine and have had the opportunity to visit Gaza in 2011 with my colleague John Finnie just after “Operation Cast Lead”. I was able to get an insight as to what life is like for the people in Gaza. I witnessed the occupation of Gaza City which prevents people living a normal live due to the blockade and the severe restrictions placed on them, forcing dependence on aid for food and fresh water. You can read my full blog from my trip here.

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