Clydesdale Members of Scottish Youth Parliament

I was delighted to welcome Kyle Slater MSYP into the Parliament last week and was joined by Reece Harding MSYP, both Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament for the Clydesdale constituency.

I have been very supportive of the Scottish Youth Parliament throughout my time as a MSP, including having the privilege of launching their ‘Care, Fare, Share’ campaign which was a great success. I look forward to working with Reece and Kyle throughout their time as MSYPs and I am sure they will do a fantastic job of representing the young people of Clydesdale.

Kyle said;

“First impressions last. I learned this when I was welcomed with open arms into the Scottish Parliament by Claudia Beamish MSP, my former primary school teacher and my MSYP colleague Reece Harding.

We were set to have a productive day, consolidating our relations between ourselves as MSYPs and our democratically elected members. Claudia was very keen to discuss and plan out a way forward and identify what we can work on mutually and it gave us an opportunity to ask any questions that we may have had. I was given a tour by Reece and I was incredibly impressed. I found that the new tapestries about the history of Scotland were fascinating and felt that the Scottish Parliament really does have a great atmosphere.

Following lunch with Claudia and Reece we went into the debating chamber, I learned a lot about the design of the chamber and also about what happens when in session. I was intrigued by the Mace and enjoyed learning about the values it represents.

I also got the chance to observe a debate about a new policy which was being developed and was at stage 3 of the Child Abuse Scotland bill, I found this incredibly helpful and this was an opportunity to gain an insight into political processes.

I am very grateful to Claudia for the opportunity to come along to the parliament today and cannot wait to work with her in the future.”

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