Fair Hospitality

The hospitality sector contributes billions to the Scottish economy every year and yet it’s workers are the lowest paid and least contractually secure in our economy. The median income of workers in the hotels industry, for example, is 50p less than the Minimum Wage at only £7 per hour.

Fair Hospitality is the campaign to improve conditions alongside workers within the hospitality industry. Their aim will be to provide hospitality workers with the legal knowledge, the organising skills and collective confidence to transform their workplace and ultimately re-build a collective bargaining framework for the industry.

Earlier in the summer I attended a drop in event in the parliament where I showed my support to the campaign. As the MSP for South Scotland, I strongly believe that everyone should be paid a fair wage no matter what their occupation is. This is why I will work hard to ensure that those who work in the hospitality industry get paid a fair wage.

If you would like more information on the campaign I would direct you to their website here.

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