Labour bid to introduce world leading legislation on period poverty

Scotland could become the first country in the world to provide universal free access to sanitary products, under new plans from Scottish Labour and my colleague Monica Lennon MSP.

This week a consultation was launched on the proposal to create a law in Scotland which would:

  • Put a duty on Scottish Ministers to introduce a universal system of free provision of sanitary products.
  •  Put a duty on all schools to provide free sanitary products in school toilets.
  • Put a duty on all colleges and universities to provide free sanitary products in campus toilets.
  •  Introduce measures to allow Scottish Ministers to extend these duties to other bodies in future, following a period of review, if deemed appropriate or necessary.

Thanks to Monica’s campaign, the Scottish Government has recently launched a pilot scheme in Aberdeen where low income women and girls are to be offered free sanitary products.

Access to sanitary products should be a basic right, but sadly in Scotland we know not everyone can afford or obtain what they need. Sanitary products are a common demand in food banks.

The proposal also includes a statutory duty on schools, colleges and universities to provide free sanitary products in their toilets, so no one has to miss class because of their period.

Monica Lennon MSP said:

“This is a big step towards creating a fairer and more equal society and I hope to hear from people right across Scotland during the consultation.”

This is a really important issue – please share your views here:


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