Mental Health Waiting Times

The waiting time target for child and adolescent mental health services has never been met since it was introduced almost three years ago.

In December 2014 the SNP government set a standard of a maximum wait of 18 weeks from a patient’s referral to treatment for specialist Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

This standard should be delivered for at least 90 per cent of patients.

The SNP have been in government for 10 years now and they still haven’t managed to meet mental health waiting times. This is a very serious issue especially in young people. I have been working with the Scottish Youth Parliament in their previous campaign “Young Peoples Mental Health” and they produced a report “Our Generations Epidemic” which outlined key proposals. I am pleased to learn that the Scottish Government has included these in their mental health strategy but, there is still a long way to go

In September 2016, the Scottish Labour outlined three proposals to end the scandal of delayed mental health treatment.

  • Review of rejected referrals.
  • Guaranteed access for every secondary school to a qualified and appropriately experienced school counsellor.
  • Using the tax powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop the cuts to public services and invest instead.

The SNP’s mental health strategy committed to an audit of rejected referrals but has failed to guarantee school-based counselling, and the government still isn’t using the Parliament’s tax powers.

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