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Unite the Union have launched a petition to not reintroduce the Airbus Super pumas H225 and AS332 L2 on UKCS commercial operations This petition is for all UKCS Offshore Oil & Gas workers, their families and the general public, to finally say enough is enough with the Superpuma airframe. In signing the Airbus Superpumas H225 and AS332 L2 will not be reintroduced into commercial operations in the UKCS and expressing a vote of no-confidence in the safety of these airframes. You can sign the petition by clicking here

Unite members have told us, their Health & Safety is paramount in the offshore sector. We are asking you to support all offshore workers and their families and visibly support this campaign.

My colleague Lewis Macdonald MSP has lodged a parliamentary motion about the issue;

Motion Number: S5M-07724

Lodged By: Lewis Macdonald

Date Lodged: 15/09/2017

Title: ♦ Workforce Concerns Regarding Helicopter Safety in the North Sea

Motion Text:

That the Parliament understands that the Civil Aviation Authority has lifted the ban on the use of Superpuma H225LP and AS332L2 helicopters in the UK despite continuing concerns over the safety of these helicopters among offshore workers; further understands that Airbus, the manufacturer of Superpuma helicopters, has carried out a survey of North Sea workers and aircrew in order to establish their attitudes towards helicopter safety; notes the finding that 62% of respondents would be unlikely to fly in a Superpuma helicopter, given a choice; further notes that 44% of respondents were unaware of work done to improve safety since the Superpuma crash in April 2016, including increased monitoring and inspection measures and more regular replacement of gearbox components; recognises that Unite the Union has launched a petition opposing the reintroduction of the Superpuma helicopters, signed by thousands of offshore workers in the North East Scotland parliamentary region and across the country, who remain concerned about their safety and reputation, and notes calls for flights in these Superpuma helicopters to not resume.

Workers will not accept a return ‘business as usual ` and will express their views about the Airbus Superpuma 225s choppers.

More information can be found on their website:

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