Respect for Shopworkers Week

This week is Respect for Shopworkers week. A week that highlights the violence and abuse faced by Shopworkers.

‘Freedom From Fear’ is a campaign by USDAW and is incredibly important to the lives of its members.  Its primary aims are to:

  • Prevent violence, threats and abuse against shopworkers
  • Make sure that shops and shopping areas are safer for customers and staff
  • Negotiate with employers for better health and safety measures in stores
  • Support members who are victims of violence, threats and abuse
  • Give workers the confidence to raise issues and not accept abuse as a part of the job
  • Raise awareness with the public and promoting a culture of respect.

I fully support this campaign as do MSPs from other parties. We all agree it’s important that workers feel safe in their workplace no matter what their job is.

My colleague Daniel Johnson MSP held a members business debate about the issue which you can watch here


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