British Red Cross, Flooding Support


The British Red Cross has vast experience of looking after people in flooded communities, and our volunteers all over Scotland are specially trained in a range of skills needed to support people and communities affected by flooding.

Emotional support: Our volunteers across Scotland are trained to provide emotional support, which means we provide care for those affected, often in rest centres that we establish, while the emergency services carry out their vital response work. For example, in December 2015 the Red Cross established a rest centre in Hawick for people who had been evacuated from flood-threatened homes.

Partnerships: The Red Cross has several emergency response partnerships in place that means we can offer swift and effective support to statutory services in times of crisis. For example, our partnership with Tesco means that when a major incident occurs, our volunteers can rapidly access food and other vital supplies from Tesco stores to bring relief to affected communities. This Emergency Agreement partnership is the only one of its kind in the UK.

Communications support: Many emergencies demand a co-ordinated, often large-scale, response – and we’re in a position to provide quick and robust support. Our emergency communications programme means we can keep in touch both with each other and statutory partners during emergencies of all scales.

British Red Cross resources for flood-threatened individuals and communities

As well as providing emotional, partnership and communications support, the British Red Cross also has a range of resources that can be used by flood-threatened individuals and communities:

Emergency app: Our unique app is free to download, and delivers real-time alerts, severe weather warnings and practical advice in an emergency. The app also allows users to tell others that they are safe and well.

Resources for schools: The British Red Cross website contains resources to be used in schools to teach children in flood-threatened areas how to prepare for and respond to flooding in their home.

Online advice: The British Red Cross website contains a range of information on how to prepare for, respond to and recover from flooding.


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