Renewables in Scotland Conference

I recently had the opportunity to chair a fascinating conference with Scottish Policy Conferences on the topic of renewables in Scotland; funding, innovation, and the next steps for policy. Scottish Policy Conferences arrange speakers and discussions on a variety of topics, and it is always a pleasure to be asked to chair one of their events.

The discussion focussed on how to develop a resilient and flexible electricity network, giving consideration to issues of storage, demand-side response, and regulation. These are complex issues, and the speakers from SP Energy Networks, Logan Energy, Ofgem, and National Grid were all very illuminating in their expertise. There was also a speaker from the Scottish Government, who gave a very interesting presentation on the upcoming Energy Strategy. I will be involved in scrutinising the Strategy when it comes to Parliament to ensure a progressive and just energy mix for Scotland’s future.

If Scotland is to reach its renewable energy potential, we need to overcome the barriers to all scales and types of ownership in renewables.


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