Co-operative Party centenary banner

Last Friday I attended a gathering at New Lanark to celebrate a new banner created to mark the centenary of the Co-operative Party.  The Co-operative Party exists to promote co-operative working and was founded in 1917. As a Co-operative Party elected member, I was honoured to be one of the MSPs for New Lanark which has such a strong, historic connection with the co-operative movement through Robert Owen.

The banner is a beautiful depiction of the ethos of the co-op movement and the back of it shows people moving towards a future where wealth and power are shared. I believe that our economy would be better if people had more say in how companies are run.

There is more information on the banner centenary-banner

Back of banner

Claudia with Richard McCready, Political Officer, Cathy Peattie Chair, Iain Miller and other members of the Scottish Co-operative Party.


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