Let’s Clean up our Beautiful Beaches Together

I recently attended a reception in the Scottish Parliament about how we can keep Scotland’s beaches beautiful and pollution free.

Our beaches face such a serious threat when it comes to pollution., Our beaches can be polluted by things such as: Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, diver light sticks, nets, drinks cans, the list goes on! Many of us walk past the litter when we see it.

We need to come together and make our beaches as safe as possible for everyone to use. It was really heartening that so many groups were represented at the reception from the Marine Conservation Society to Scottish Fishermen’s Ass, Harbour Masters, The Great Nurdle Hunt volunteers and many more. I look forward to working with these groups in the New Year.

This is me with Artist Julia Barton

The scale of the problem on our beaches needs to be seen and acknowledged. Over the last 4 years, artist Julia Barton, who I was delighted to meet,  has been working with communities in Shetland and the North West Highlands to investigate and collect samples from 120 beaches to help document and visualize the problem. Check out her inspiring work at www.littoralart.com

Now  we must all come together and make Scotland’s beaches pollution free.


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