A call to Action on Loneliness

The Jo Cox Commission on loneliness has worked with a number of partner organisations to produce a report on loneliness and how to respond to its challenges.

The report ‘A call to Action’ highlights the impact loneliness can have on peoples’ lives and how it affects people of all ages.  There is mounting evidence to suggest that isolation and loneliness significantly increases the risk of premature mortality.

While this report outlines some of the measures governments and local authorities can take to tackle loneliness, the responsibility lies with all of us. We can all make a commitment to start a conversation with someone.  It affects people of all ages. Young or old, loneliness doesn’t discriminate. With increasing pressures on our time it’s easy to overlook those who are isolated and lonely but at this time of year especially, I urge people to consider those in the community who are on their own and make time for them.

For more information on ‘A Call to Action’ https://www.jocoxloneliness.org/pdf/a_call_to_action.pdf

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