Parliament backs Labour Bill to repeal the Football Act

On Thursday the Parliament voted to back the Bill to repeal the Football Act, introduced by my colleague James Kelly MSP.

The Football Act is discredited legislation which has failed to make any progress in tackling sectarianism, while at the same time dividing fans and the police.

James Kelly MSP said:

“It is time for the SNP government to listen to the will of Parliament and get behind repeal. Instead of continuing to pursue this broken law, it must work to unify parties, anti-sectarian organisations, faith groups and education leaders, and start taking the problem of sectarianism seriously.

“For too long the SNP has hidden behind the Football Act and pretended it is some sort of silver bullet. It is not.

“It is not tenable for the one party, the governing party, to continue to argue for a law condemned by legal experts, equalities organisations and human rights groups, which is now without the support of Parliament. The Football Act has got to go.”

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