About Parliament

scottish-parliamentThe home of the Scottish Parliament is at Holyrood at the foot of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

As your MSP, you can contact me for assistance on any issue which is dealt with by the Scottish Parliament.  For an introduction on the work of the Parliament you can read this useful guide.The Scottish Parliament and MSPs are responsible for a wide range of devolved issues including health, justice, education, local government, the environment, culture and sport.

As this session of Parliament progresses, my contributions to business through motions, parliamentary questions and debates will be published on the Scottish Parliament website.

The UK Parliament, which sits at Westminster, is responsible for reserved issues such as defence, foreign policy, social security and pensions.  Scotland continues to be represented in London by our MPs who are elected separately from MSPs.

Local Authorities provide a range of front-line services such as schools, housing, environmental health, libraries, social care, roads and street lighting.  They are also responsible for administering the Council Tax.

If you want to find out who your representatives are at the different levels of government, use the ‘Find your Representative’ search to the right of your screen.

Visiting the Parliament

The Scottish Parliament building is open to members of the public and there are a variety of activities available to visitors including guided tours, tickets to debates, a variety of exhibitions, a café and a shop.

If you are involved in a group who would like to arrange a visit, or are planning a visit yourself, please contact me and I will help you organise things or arrange to meet and show you around.

To find our more about the visiting the Parliament click here.